CD "body disortion analogy", live cutups & distorted sounds, SW 007

CD "cluster rhytm walks", scapes,drones& fluffy beats, SW 008

CD "Stachelhaut", spheric,monotonous Soundscapes, SW 009

The project AEQUATORKAELTE is directly founded by the sensitive wormrile headquarter and is active since 1998. The mixture of sampled, selfcreated and modulated sequences creates ambient scapes. Sampling itself speaks for the free use of all material to re-cut in another meaning. The method to destroy certain schemes and puzzling out of their pieces new ones can be found in history in the work of the situationists. The constructive thing on it is the accident itself. Beside that we work with classic tools like tapes, amiga 500 and primitive drummachines. December last year the whole stuff of 2 years composing was recorded and edited w. Soundmogul G:LAS at the Stubnitz ship. In the whole 140 minutes of structured noise. We work in the moment in creation of a movie particular to the sound for live operation. Watch this space....