ROT / WOJCZECH stairway to hell tourdiary europe aug/sept. 2Oo2

note before that its impossible to capture all situations and feelings of this 10000 km travel over 4 weeks in 13 countries. The background was that we were asked in february to organize again a europe tour for our close amigos of rot, a band totally authentic in message, music and peoples behind and joined them with our thrash team. Lets go:

thu 29/8 ger- berlin- weissbecker haus + EXECRADORES

big hello and meeting again after 4 years of dividence and regional barriers. Yep everybody was shy and pleased. Robin and samantha held us up very well and about 60 fools showed up. Not that berlin based arrogance but nice crowd at the show. Very international conspiracy as also michael & eva that are used to set up the execradores tour joined from that day and everybody was familiar with each other. Got to sleep already in the morning and got pissed together with gabriusz (que vive le rigaer 83/84!!!) after a very dedicated concert.

Fri. 30/8 ger- neubrandenburg- ajz + EXECRADORES

nb is always weird for me. Like knowing each 2nd face i feel like naked while playing. Very intense but stressful night as the brasils got to know the death of a good friend a day before. 200 people over there crowded and were not that interested at all. Anyway i am already happy for everybody that still comes to shows like this. Other people other opinions. I dont give a fuck about stagnation as long as you feel alive enough to to set up your encourage. Well europe is so overconsumed:like society so does any scene. People from brasil work really hard to get here and then get this downhill feeling of everything playing in front of young pissed crowd. EVERYTHING changes fastest here and WE have to face it. Execradores got faster meanwhile and sound a lot like crudos and rot with new ricardo on drums kept their rough spirit but mixed with even more metal drums many people during that tour expected them more grim and punk. And monsta jo made excellent food. Got a phonecall there is possibility to play para raio fest next day with wojczech bollox too so we had to get up at 9 morning. Roberts van did strange noise in the right back. he went to repair next morning. From that moment the trapped in a course story with vans during that 4 weeks was opened, my friend.

Sat. 31/8 ger- hammerstadt para raio festival

this is brothers place. We love to go there everytime. nearly everybody i know connected to the diY story in east got there this day. Really calm but strong atmosphere.energetic and exchanging. All in all around 500 people. Almost no assholes. You know about a festival like this? We got played at 6pm and very solid set This was fun as we were still in hectic of arriving and the day before. I cant remember all the bands and people weve talked. Cyness,Y, rot and execradores played monster sets- that was exactly what i needed. Just a bit obscure seeing some faces from hometown. Who escapes whom? Ronny took everything with patience in organization!!! ricardo and mendigo boozed down with the ugliest vine and i warned them about a very crude hangover. So they got quit the complete next day and just farting the van. Kisses to ronny& everybody helped bringing this effort to daylight!!!

Sun 1/9 Cz- pisek-paluba

We got catched at the border for 1 hour but no searching.Filling cards of entering and leaving czech for the brasils is really rascist to me. As you should know people from latin countries have to pay each easteuropean countries enormously visa instead of hungary and slovenija. But even fuckin Eu or outside you are treated with this identity like scum. Please do get concern in what fascist european society we do live!!! this EU occupation even intends to make things worse. New world order. this is the future? Pisek is some little town 100km south of prague and place and people were so nice to us. 2 other bands joined in , ui my brain cant remember their names. We played terribly, broken strings and after 10 minutes the bass box broke. People must be thinking of us like total idiots. Andy fought with his bassound highly on absinthe and lost. Intensity was there-but really freakshow. During rot i saw people in the pit singing along their lyrics- and not just one. About 100 people and almost the half of it spaced out. The guy at the mixboard already slept on his console during the show, went home, came back and repaired our bassbox. Really nice man. Imagine germoney- none had done that help to us. We slept at jans place. Check out his label samuelrecords releasing fine emo stuffs. He is very good man. Warm and dedicated to things. (

Mon 2/9 Cz- pardubice-sluty pes +sicher hate system, needful things

Kind of rock club already outside town. Sicherhatesystem started with some fast punk, the guitarist took my amp didnt even asked or payed attention to volume control as i encouraged him not to break my old orange tube. As he was totally drunk and wanted to kick me. Next time bring your own shit man. Needful things crushed down everything. This 80ies grind mixed with that rawness i love most of the czech bands for. We already toured with them in april and they got even more intense. Without their 2nd guitar. One mof the most underrated bands due to lack of good recording i guess. And they dont belong to any scene or political dogma. Just relaxed smokers you can put rely on and totally doing themselves. Rot and us played on same level.the bassbox broke completely. We got stressed about. 100 people lots of metalheads were there and after end everybody suddenly leave. On way to barvak we discovered andis van give up soon. Oh, no better think tomorrow about it-just sleep for ages before heading to the next transportation trouble.

Tue 3/9 Cz- praha-papirna

woke up and forgot about repairing bass box but calling adac and got an exchange car for that time of repair andis van at praha. We divided at barvaks place. rot went to praha and we didnt know if we make it to praha to play when waiting for the servicemen. Strange mood, shitty feelings almost the end of this tour for wojczech? We drove like hell with a little exchange mobil and got a mega traffic jam in the evening in praha. Parts of the city looked like after a war after the floods the weeks before. Total stress. Somehow we found papirna squat at 8pm. show had to stop at 10. From this moment we didnt know what happens the next days and we didnt fuckin cared about, just be happy to reach the squat, met old friends and this show that night was fuckin awesome!. I wondered about enthusiastic crowds as praha is really overfilled with shows but 120 people got there and made it a blast. Just one hour of grinding away all bad luck and troubles like it supposed to be. After that we got long talked to iny/gride some dread 101 people and tim, some friend from our town that took holidays there with pissed at the stage in the end with selfmade STRONG vino.papirna is a funny place , the cellar and 1st floor are squatted but upper floors are rented by normalos. Found some door standing in the garden outside with no meaning and by surprise i found on it a tag done by heiner in autumn 96. yes this door belonged to sochorcha squat we ve been in september 96. same district of town- holesovice. Circles closing when you find in other countries your own remembrances....anyway without that incredibly help of master barvak we hadnt survived again. Well man thanks so much again, you are only discovered stress with us...and took everything with patience.

wed 4/9 Sl-zilina-guru club

went to breakfast and andi came up with a call the car is ready at 2pm. We didnt expected a ready car before 3 next days but we also didnt expected that those fuckers didnt repair nothing just take the bucks out of crusties empty pockets. No chance to leave rotten praha before 4 and up the long way to slovakia. We had no map , no number and at least with calling 3d persons we got some. Fucked at the border reallly terribly. Corrupted police custom assholes we had to pay to enter (too many people in both vans and so on) but better take this than they search the vans with thousands of records and stuff. No lie. Those rot mongers took their half merchandise shop on tour. I can accept for latin bands to get more money from the tour back (especially when you know the reality of situation there!!!) but normally i dont prefer driving shop miles. These fuckers at the border got hold us for 1 ½ hours and wanted to get in total 350 euros for both vans for just 4 people sitting too much in the car. We dealed with them down to 100 in total and put money in the passport giving them and getting back empty but with satans crossed fingers and a „stay heavy metal“ out of their stinky mouths. Well shitters we hope you rot for your whore job for the state -your are just fuckin puppets! But the more worse that night should follow. Arriving zilina at 10 after 10 (remember without map) arriving the club filled with 200 people and some of them travelled 400km on a wednesdy to see rot one time in their life.- but no chance to play anymore- concert must have been stopped at 10 latestely. No way just frustration and disapointment at each faces. What the hell we should do we really could not make it faster within all that troubles before. And we got no info until a phonecall 3 hours before for a stop at 10! we felt really sorry especially for peter the organizer. Friends from handlova invited us to go there immediately and play a 2nd show next afternoon. But we were fucked and discovered problems with the van again. Andi was over and stoned after putting the last 2 gramms pot in his mouth before the stress at the border. His face was already grey coloured. Fuckin shit spiral! We had to sleep in a worker hotel. No money for no gig means no payment and it was first time in my life i went out for a concert to play and paid for anonymous sleep place. Most pissed me off to give the passport out of my hands over night- something i promised myself once NEVER to do. fuck everything was already same to me. Arriving there at 2 morning and leaving at half past 8 morning . What the shit that means? There must be some unlucky star for me everytime i cross this town , last year i broke after concert in zilina my right hand and peter and we wanted to do satisfaction. Big shit- we have to make it up again for a 3d time somewhen. People in zilina and especially peter are really nice and we have to repeat this course a very lot more stronger, shouldnt we?

Thu 5/9 Sl- bratislava-bernolak + CAD, Depresy Mouse

200 km drive to bratislava , no time left to put the van in a garage. Had to fill from that moment each 200km completely new water in the water tank in hope for no bigger breaks but all the high mountains should come! Bernolak is a student hotel where we played in the cellar at a real cinema with chairs and stuffs. Really clean. No booze businees and alcoholo causts tonight. Depresy mouse sound like old agx and cad i missed while staying outside and speaking to some friends that travelled far to see the concert. We played fine and during rot set no way to walk or move , completely packed with nice people attending the show and again singin along their grind hymns. We stopped at 10 (like often used in eastern countries). Help stefan in cleaning the concert room after. Some idiots are interested in our van. After close sharp look in their eyes situation is clear and they better leave. Went later to some guys sleep place that took us really friendly. Big thanks to stefan really reliable person that cared for everything. Crazy limo drinkers that speed you up !!!

Fri 6/9 Hu- budapest-nemart/ freeport + jack, din addict, human error

nice ones. An old big building at the river that used to be the bar for drunken shipmen and sailors. Balazs took us fine and about 100 people showed up. Some really devastating 2 austrian grunge bands started. almost everybody run away when rich kids were penetrating peoples ears with poor mtv bullshit rock star stuff. Din addict sounded later really gore grind people were party at them and human error played solid crust after then. We freaked out the people and i guess some came along with. Intense atmosphere. Rot again with super set. People talked to us we did the first grind show almost over hungary but i discovered some structures for a good scene over there. We go back for sure and especially the smaller villages next time. Guys from nemart were really kind and relaxed. Cheers balazs, toxic....good luck at the riverside!!

sat 7/9 aus-vienna- arena festival

big festival in that good night white pride intention. Dont know much about austrian scenario in this but for the german case of this campain i am bit sceptical. Done by machos -for or against machos and stupids? At least here. In our town i only see self called antifascists with them shirts and stickers walking- just yuppie faces that like to hide behind a political mask. But for dominik and marion that iniciates that vienna fest i can speak for very good people. We arrived at 7pm and had to play immediately. This was done fine. We played already 4 times vienna before and some bollox already know our shit noise and we got good party at the show. This was some big fest at 2 stages with mostly newschool deodorant bands, metal guitars from muscle guys with expensive equipment and golden chains around their neck. Straight edge high on coca , or what? Lifestyle shits. But big enough to meet also many nice crowds (500 people ?) but the music that night was not for me. Organizers were really correct and in time and tune with everything, something we dont got to know really often (apart from that were are unorganised folks ourselves too). We met didi again and got a very decent long talk , shit we had to leave at 6 in the morning to italy and the brasils already farted the sleeping tower in thick bubbles.

Sun 8/9 it- novara- csa cavalcavia +dirty power game, rifiuto

this was monster drive about 15 hours and arriving a squat under a highway bridge. Total crust place where shirts and dreads/ mohawks count your identity. Nobody there was bullshit but even nobody cared that much. About 150 people. Strange for italy where i am used to play for 10- 15 humans always. Ricardo, andi and alex got some hyperstrong weed and were that night out of function. Andi not even able to tune a new basstring after a broken during the set. Funny picture ,totally helpless and wasted. Dirty power game from roma did that olschool crust thing: disrupt, disrupt and disrupt. Rot were talked to stop as police were in front of the squat. I havent seen any police all over the night. And then some punx on white powder took the dj thing played almost into the morning. Nobody of us where told where to sleep and everybody left. When we asked we just got strange reactions on it. We put on a tent outside but there was no hope for silence just wasted humans on chemicals. Nice to learn the roma crowds from dirty power game , we ve decided to do a split 7 together. They left later to ljubljana. Ruis comment describes the day perfectly : I think today we fuck

mon 9/9 it- vigevano- csa la sede

total confusion in the tourtable as people from france confused us already since 4 months and we spent too much on fuckin phonecards with no result. I phoned xavier from dijon and got to know the whole story. What was that? Too may hands breed more shit than just one...hopefully we can meet friends in dijon next time. vigevano was near novara just one hour away and it was raining. The vans output was not to stand anymore we still were in hope to arrive the next place. We got there at some wonderful place at nature and a selfrunned living room/ venue. Patrizia and stefania took us really warm and with patience. That dinner i die for! We knew with this van we couldnt go anymore to spain something must happen. Some repair man came already in the night and promised to take the car tomorrow and meant it could be done for about one week. Decent and shy people attended the show and we ALL felt really save there. It can cause so many energy to you when you are wrecked and down and meet in such situatiuons people that take you without knowing with understanding and empathy. Thats why i wont forget that travel to vigevano.

Tues 10/9 off

we transferred the most necessary stuffs to roberts van when morning sun burnt on my head. Means backline and rot go to barcelona already to be there next day for first concert in x-pain. Much head pressure for about do not knowing what happens with andis trash van but in no case we want to cancel. Around noon that old man came up with the story he put out the aggregat for cold secure and the zylinder ring is broken. Still able to go but danger to break suddenly each minute. We decide to go on same what and when it breaks. The rest of the tour is up from now surrounded by that fear. Very great! We take the experience instead the dirty rotten hole at home. Pata made nice dinner and went to doctor when scubby her dog got sick. Some kind of intoxication. In that moment we leave unsure about all shits to 18 hours travel to barcelona. No map , no phone – as everything is up to rui and he is already gone. We didnt expected when we divided to meet already in spain again for the fuckin van disease- now there is chance to come true.

Wed 11/9- spa-barcelona-en rock and trini

monster drive but tranquilo, men. Catched barcelona and completely lost in town at noon. How to find out where to go? There was everything closed and same to us so we went to beach swimming& drinking. Met some german crusties, friends from friends to us (simone!) . Almost no idea where to go. No chance to phone the others as heinz and roberts phone are dead. Andi and danilo went to centre to ask local punx and maybe go to valkarka where is every 200m some squat. But which one of 200? sometimes fools got luck and rui calls and pick us up to his squat where he used to live. Yeah nice embraces meeting local crazies and i discover many many foreign people live and squat here. Almost strong scene. The show is in a social space under a highway bridge and from 80 people there are too many germans among them. Scary feelings inside. Berlin punx tourists:hey wojczech is the name of your shitty band? put me on the guest list. Go to ibiza you idiots! What do you think travelling bands live off from? Just that few bucks of petrol money is the reality. And i dont change my engagement and that nice one of people that organize against paying for your holiday and your cheap drunk! People from radio bronka are ace!! nice and after long pen contact finally meeting. The show gets very strong and fuck i meet mattheo from zürich – what a surprise!!!we even meet angelo from brasil our video mate from tour in 99 over there. we rest down in a fresh occupied old fabrique, very huge territory and almost nothing fixed. A big rainfall proofs that all roofs are over and exciting guides and talks until morning when i fall down at the forefront seats at our red vehicle.

Thur 12/9 spa- la roca des valles

Supposed to play in little town half an hour away, arrive there and people dont know nothing about concert. Show us a letter arrived there today by post with flyers for that night. Nice place but onorganized. Spanish style? We are sad and go back to fabrique squat in barcelona where tonight is a coctail party set up from huges of shoplifted alcohol. And that gets wild. Hard on absinthe while chessy 80ies hits playing and everything turns in a free love ambience. Naked and kissing squatters. Definately impossible in some german squat to discover that night things run really out of some level of emotional barriers and control. No concert that night could have been take placed would have been a stronger experience. You can call it party down from every letter of sense.

Fri 13/9 spa- arnedo-csa la cuesta

trip to the mountains and centre of spain looks like wild west and i feel like sergio leone come to get me. Arnedo is small town and la cuesta is a nice little house of stones. Unsalty food and nice treatment but i sleep until concert. Some trash glam punk band i miss. People are really charmful with us. Very wild show. Kids freak out and we play everything we wanted usually to avoid, old shits and almost twice. Noise not beer tonight. Everybody keeps sober for long trip to madrid.

Sat 14/9 spa- madrid-soul club

fuckin mountains and our red horse strikes again as the water tanks explodes 130 km before madrid in a total shitvalley. downhill next patrol station waiting for heading to the end. no hole means new water and go ahead. totally wild west outside, yeah mountains, desert and smoking silent idiots. again no map where to go into madrid, inaki will wait at the airport but airport is big. a plane somewhere would do us best favour now!. new call and meeting place and catching inaki wearing a venom shirt. we are definately in good hands. the place to play is directly in centre has to stop at 11 and is in the deepest cellar of some soul bar.exactly our approach!. small streets drunk people and hitting several times vans surface.tonight is big metal show somewhere else with krisiun (brasil) and vader and also some show with E-150 guys into, which is famous exciting band from spain but the space is very fast filled with almost very nice crowds. 70 people and its packed without getting a chance of fresh air. denak start and totally blast down. Inakis bass sound is awesome. we play second and stagediving wild crowd just 20 minutes set (for closing hour) and danilo regularly jumps off the bar tender in the crowds and the pit takes us fools at hands. short raw energy shock. rot top everything again. running wild. learning some people from germany that went there to see us and some austrian ones. the night is young and saturday night shit fever takes us in some big indie disco where gerardo (denak guitarist) applies to everybody to get pissed fastest. discussions to repair the van and cancel the show in basque country next day (650 km) get wrapped into alcoholic disease. i prefer to sleep in a record store la idea (where inaki and sin dios guys works) and the other half of the crew goes straight to next metal pub to drink until 10 morning. I am already fucked and over. Good sleep with cavitys new piclp and exotica stupid surf sound. i see everyhting double. denak are total vagabundos and we love it!!

sun 15/9 basque- pasaia-kampas

getting up very too late as always and what to do. van garage or go? we phone the to play there eventually tomorrow (day off) but he insists on coming today. 8 hours later in a squat close to san sebastian start amoniako 87 which convince me at first tune. Almost hectic hc twisted with ripcord feeling. Thats it.everybody is really friendly and interested and again wild stage diving area. we play almost everything and its tight. marcelo gots beaten down by wild grinders fanatically in nice manner several time almost crawling peoples pit on floor throuh half of the space. grind from the band and causes grind in the pit. we sleep in a squat close to the place and thats the place we will live off the 2 next days as the show in portugal got cancelled due to eviction of all 3 squats in lisboa.

wed 18/9 fra- bordeaux-le petit rouge

strange situation in internet cafes in san sebastian as bastienne (french organizer) confuses us. Something like: reply until 6pm and you play bordeaux tomorrow if not go to orleans. Little note: both towns are 500 km away from each other and we are even 300 km away from bordeaux. Without any map or adress. Happened during 2 very relaxed days in pasaia squat. We have the whole house for ourselves. Beach again, cheap vino some polish travelling punx we find and stay with them in the house. Little world. Bordeaux is huge town and we play in cellar of some anarchist bar, people really enthusiastic. This show gets a total burner. Fist of fury lend us their stuffs to play and they sound very metal and new school (i hate that term), georges bitch junior is really young band and top off with very strong powerviolence and mixed oldschool blast beat hc. Very good band and openminded people. Come to germoney , guys! We help you. The drummer plays like that freak in sesam street. Spazztic , harsh and full battle.The scene in there gives me somehow some fresh feeling. No wonder as few of the best french hc troops were from bordeaux: öpstand and jeanXseberg. Its a shame that they are defunct too early. Rot are beloved from moshing freaks and again we sweat down the little cellar and have to play for about one hour, one of our longest sets ever, but that amazing crazy mood and guys inspire so much and they dont let us go. Stay after at a friends place where is total party with until 5 morning and turntable plays hellish grind always. People are so thankful to have rot in their town and celebrate it! Scary thing on it: we have to leave at 6 morning for 15 hours trip to lausanne (swiss). Driving as insane truckers are used to do.

thur 19/9 swiss- lausanne-avenue victor rmuz squat

we havent been for too long and at 10pm we get to a squat finally meeting max, antoinette, sarah, kiko and loads of old friends. Even from neuchatel and geneve humans come and this is very family like atmo. Pignation (poland) start with their hyperfast blast beats. These guys have a very strange tour, almost chaotic, many offs and unbearable distances, that guy that should be responsible for this probably doesnt know that map of europe that well. Exhaustingly! We invite them to share some shows with us at their offs.( you can watch the result later down here). Playing lausanne is always very special to us and so does that night. Danilo is our dancing queen! We party until sunset in the trashland squat. SPEED METAL ET BIERE!!! lots of canadians here. Looks like an invasion from quebec area punx! Tablefootball and freaking out to old lame prodigy stuffs and of course bolt thrower. This is one of the new homes taken for the evicted house in avenue des morges. and its with big balcony and many many rooms as well as some place for steel work and mechanics. Great architecture and place to perform things. Why do i have to leave here already tomorow?

Fri 20/9 swiss- biel-schrottbar fest

i dont need to introduce that one. Big mad max cyberplace, many trucks famous to many travelling ones. Chaotic in front as coupole burnt in their roof, so run that festival at the schrottbar, even more packed than already. 500- 600 people from everywhere. ELXT 90 start outside with some sci-fi/ fire/steel performance. International project among them ex-bagger people. Perfect place for this spectacle. Rudi & the painkillers are zoro faces from leipzig that also show up as excellent kitcheners. Rockin hardcore like early 90ies and rudis voice always reminds me of detestation. Maybe i am sterotype. We play crude after, broken strings, broken cables but nevertheless funny. Its already 3 morning when we start as 2nd band at night. Split from zurich do not convince, too long but good sound. Rot seem to be a bit tired and the punx folks do not apply all their metallic stuff. Everybody is most busy with boozing. Idiot savant in the end rock the screamy emo thing. Good advantages this young band done in short time. Bands are less important tonight but this fantastic big drunk fiesta. Neverending. Tons of people.The half of the lausanne crew also. Danilo spits himself over. Like euphrat and tigris rivers his spit runs down out of his mouth. his trousers already at his knees. Total vagabundo and pissed. He has luck for serious bullshit he gave to somebody he did not got beaten that night. He spits on me while sleeping. My sleeping bag outside surface is the only shield to cover him away from me. I clean up his month like i would be the mom of the bastard. Its already 9 morning and everybody falls over intoxicated. Like andi the most crust rockn rollers sleep down where they fall down at latest. The lyrics from fleas n lices hit „up the punx“ should be redefined that day: „i dont care if you have a mohawk or two, what counts is in your bottle...“

sat 21/9 Fra- st. etienne ?

While getting up and looking for the kids robert discoveres his right back wheel causes damages. no way to go to st. etienne and time for repair even as also everybody is still somewhere around. St. etienne show must stop at 10 for sure. No way to go and make it with the van bullshit and even if we fix we cant be in time. We are REALLY sorry for not be able to and big efforts befa worked hard for put on the show and we do feel very BIG shit about it. After 10 years i put on shows i exactly know that feeling when you done so much stuff upfront to arrange it and it get cancelled on same day afternoon. So robert finds in trash space of schrottbar some old vw van , same type, with the necessary tool to exchange to bursted ones. It needs until 7pm to fix it. What to do? People from winthertur (just 1 and half hour away) invite us to play on a squat housing fest spontaneously tonight. And we go for it instead of sitting useless around and depriving on that cancellation of st. etienne. Arrived in winti we all fall asleep again until we have to play at one morning. Everyone wakes up 5 minutes before stage and i dont know where i am anymore. Too much . Neveretheless we play half dreaming and very strong concert, nice and mellow atmosphere. I miss all other bands before like shocks from berlin and rot. Big kisses to rebi, eric, achy and chanti having patience with us in this weak minute. Fuck i havent seen all of you for so long, visit follows at hand i promise at heart. Not just that minute where i am wasted and over. Really really strange day. Big sorry to st.etienne folks. Shit happens. I know.

Sun 22/9 fra- paris-malesia ou st. jacques squat

again 12 hours motorway. No map just a phone. Young people from de le 13 squat (r.i.p.?) hold up that show in a new small squatted space. Some local punk/ grinders start. Chaotic and crazy crowd almost really young. Sound like in practice space. The PA system breaks all mics finally when we play. danilo just shoutes without mic his lungs out. Cool people total into devastation and grind. Police pigs arrives several times telling to stop. Nobody gives a fuck and we play on as long we want. When the pigs come 3d time they throw over the closed outside door pepper spray into the squatted territory. Nobody gets hurted by or cares. Somebody brings us after a long cursetour through paris nite to another squat outside on a village and its very nice house. People do breakfast. Tranquilo and trustworthy!! paris= hectic city+ sick minds= young drug crazed squatters. We will be here again for sure!

Mon 23/9 bel -gent-frontline

That day should be off as french guys did not found some place to crash for us. Call to bruno. Gent is on. There are already 4 bands , space for one left. We decide Rot go there to rock and we smooth down in brunos village near antwerp. Total relaxation. Bruno is all the years i know him the helping hand with everything. He is such a good emphased guy. Always we went to belgium our van broke , lost stuff or got sick. Bruno always were our master in problem solution. He presents me 1st prophecy of doom lp and i go mad for it. In them songs is lost somehwere my youth. The mob comes after 2 morning and a very big waterpipe with 4 outputs gots the smokers to weed heaven.

Tue 24/9 bel- leuven-villa squattus

usually we wanted to record that day for wojczech/rot split“7 in brunos home studio but everything got too late and everybody needs that time off for regeneration. The villa in leuven shows many old friends like petr (old czech companero), erik minnen (cor-no-copia), all the intestinal diesease guys and also len from gent shows up. Pignation are not on the bill but invited for play. The leave directly to home. To many cancelled shit and stress made their tour a really pain in the ass experience. Shit. We start over and we feel we are back in mid europe. People are nice and shy, applaude. no crazy mob. Althogh its very nice! Rot are also kind of tired and ricardo is after 6 spacecakes totally out of mind. Just his motorics in drumming lead him to move on. Funny picture. Some hungarian death metal band kicks very much tonight. We get good friends with em. Olho di gato have to cancel all following shows with us. Billy got some aches in his back, no wonder he is an old punk rocker. Back to brunos space and almost fed up bellies from so much nice food.does bruno ever sleep?

Wed 25/9 hol- Amsterdam-villa frieskens + Ms Stubnitz

2 shows tonight. We catch up cleverson & co at central station and go to a very big squatted fabrique. Nice faces. Engaged. Big truck place in a hall , recording studio, concert room and half pipe. Andi is really sick. Earaches and a fuckin cold. He cant stand up and doesnt even know if be able to play at least one concert. Anyway he does it and it get killer. 70 people , lots of polish guys and strong scenary. Poda (olho di gato drummer) is really kind with us. We have to find way to stubnitz to be there before 1 morning.they already wait for us. With a drawed map we find local cultural fishing dishers at some bay in industrial area. All the home faces. We are really fucked already at that 2nd concert and have to stop after 20 minutes, as heiner already drums his sticks into his burning flesh and really cant anymore. No way. Rot arrive in time after playing after us at villa frieskens and their performance gets a really freak show as everybody is still pissed or exhausted/ tired and it seems like they very soon fall down asleep while playing. Stubnitz visitors take it least i am down until morning with axel and robert and get some cabin to fall over at highest floor, when at 2 afternoon i brutally get awoken by bord call in this cabin as the others are ready to leave. This is a serious hangover.

Thu 26/9 ger- Rote Flora

we already got lost in amsterdam 2 minutes after leave and meet the rest at 10 in hamburg. Rotten flora cellar is nice to play and joy and padde treat us well. Nice surprise meeting the völkermord crew (yep!) and i feel like family meeting, when people from neubrandenburg and even rostock appear. 60 people take our twisted tunes ok, rot dissapoint a bit tonight, but maybe is just general depression and overall feeling to be back in germoney. Seeing many amigos you havent for long , but what it breeds if your are still overloaded with too many impressions the weeks before outside....nice talks with joy and alex and good night.

Fri 27/9 ger- leipzig Zoro festival

we divide in the morning when andi lost the key for the red monster and all stuff of us lay down on street main junk mile in front of flora. Rot go to leipzig , we dont. just heard they did fine there. I get at least record consume shock to play over and away that cold feeling to get back in town of neanderthals, where other natives call it their home.

Sat 28/9 ger- rostock-JaZ

i am not that one to write objective about it as i use care for that space too much. 250 faces should up for last rot show of europe tour and the old dark german goth punx Fliehende stürme. For the native listener in this town this combination is maybe to much of opened muscial taste to combine for one show. WE thought yeah, combine it thats why. Due to sick terror cancelled without any information we got played with wojczech first and hellish dark set until string broke in the last song and even that last one were not in stock. Last concert on tour- this is a sign and we took it! Rot played all over around one hour and posselt brothers totally freaked out and gave seriously floor punches to marcelo. they growled and screamed the fuckin audience while crawling in the human pit through the venue. Intense moshpit replied it. Very violent action shows the intensity of something to cover. Even if good or bad. That energy got captured in friendly manner. No unhealthy kicks and machos in the pit. Although its not for me. This was a very serious final show i cant imagine stronger. Fliehende stürme do a 2 hours set with their romantic wave punk after the hyper speed agression and bundled eruptions before this was cathartic to me to come down. As i did not recover anything that any person talked to me that night, my mind and body were set to leave fastest that rotten town again. The once you are locked the harder to break.

Resume: 4 weeks of 10 faces passing nearly every kind of emotion and experience while discovering the ruins of punk scene. Again we met so strong and dedicated folks at EACH place. There is still a lot to discover, go and get your ass up!!!!We give heartly embraces to everybody that put us on, gave us food and place to stay, shared time and feelings with us or just simply attended the concerts to support the message of Rot & wojczech. Even if amps,vans and all material bullshits break down this is nothing compared tp the human ressources everybody can open to establish COUNTERCULTURE apart from big society madness and civilisations decay. Do it!

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