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WHITEY WILL PAY v-cd 45minutes running time featuring subcultural and hardcore scene research over southeastasia as well as scenes from g.las/wojczech asia tour 2003. high quality cuts and production. informative and controversial) comes with transparent cover in slim case, DVD available on special request, SW 014

WOJCZECH/ INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL splitLP (80ies uk bulldozergrind from st.pauli beerbrigade and manic twisted highspeedhardcore from autumn2002 recording session, 1st press, whole edition of 1017 copies) SW 013

WOJCZECH/ ROT splitseveninchsingle (sao paulo oldschool grind tornado team up with balticsea asocials, 1st press, whole edition of 500 copies on yellow/black vinyl) absurd rec/ fuckitallrec. brasil

WOJCZECH/ CUT YOUR HAIR splitseveninchsingle (grindcrust and partly distorted emocore, both sides recorded in DA TRIBO STUDIO in sao paulo 1999, 2nd press, whole edition of 1100 copies) SW 006

THE JACK OF ALL TRADES `aufgraun` lp (heavy apocalyptic sludge core from 1995,white vinyl and handmade cover artwork& booklet) SW 003

AEQUATORKAELTE `cluster rhythm walks` cdr (from no beat to tekk beats,drone& spheres, recorded on MS STUBNITZ in winter 2000, special handmade cover artwork) SW 008

AEQUATORKAELTE `stachelhaut` cdr (sub bass midtempo grooves &tribal noise, recorded on MS STUBNITZ in winter 2000, special handmade cover artwork) SW 009

WOJCZECH/ PARENTAL ADVISORY picturesplitseveninch single (wojczech tracks from same session as above, P.A. from brasil team up with manic thrash HC, 2nd press edition of 1000 copies,co- release with HEADFAKKA/ TOWERVIOLENCE REC.), SW 010

prices: seveninch, 1 copy: 3 euro/ 3 U$$ , wholesale 5 copies 12 euro/ 12 U$$

Cdr/ V-CD, 1 copy: 5 euro/ 5 U$$ , wholesale 5 copies 20 euro/ 20 U$$

LP, 1copy: 7 euro/ 7 U$$ , wholesale 5 copies 30 euro / 30 U$$

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